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10-in-1 Play and Learn Kit - 10 Educational Games & Activities

10-in-1 Play and Learn Kit - 10 Educational Games & Activities

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A set of exciting games to help your child master a host of skills - this 10-in1-1 pack is both educational and fun! These activities will keep kids entertained and help them learn something new every time they play.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 6 Stacking Cubes with letters printed on them, Shape sorter and shapes, 3 Starter Jigsaw Puzzles, Write and wipe cards with Alphabets, Words and Numbers, Microfiber Cleaning cloth, Number & Colour dice, Colouring booklet, Sketchpens

1 SET FOR 10 LEARNING ACTIVITIES: 1) Stack Cubes 2) Learn Alphabets 3) Learn to Spell 4) Sort Shapes 5) Identify Colours & Patterns 6) Learn Counting 7) Practice Writing 8) Improve Memory 9) Colouring 10)  Jigsaw Puzzles

SKILLS THAT KIDS CAN DEVELOP: 1) Fine Motor Skills 2) Gross Motor Skills 3) Problem Solving 4) Creativity 5) Attention to Detail 6) Vocabulary 7) Math 8) Spatial Recognition 9) Memory 10) Critical Thinking

KEEP KIDS ENGAGED: 10 activities to keep kids engaged for hours and learn as they play. Unlike most toys which are repetitive, this kit is truly value for money as kids can move on to a different activity if they want to try something new

WHY GIFT THIS: This is a great educational gift which covers different skill set in one pack. Lightweight, it can easily be carried while travelling instead of carrying different toys to keep the kids engaged

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