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Bestsellers Card Games - Combo Pack of 3

Bestsellers Card Games - Combo Pack of 3

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  • QUICK PICK: A race to come up with a word belonging to a given category and starting with the letter matching the colour of the category

  • AROUND THE WORD: Don't sprain your neck as you race Around The Word to read the wonky, roundabout words that will leave your head spinning for sure, be the first to read out the word in the ring matching the colour on the back of the card and collect as many cards as you can

  • FORBIDDEN: Be careful to stay away from forbidden words as you describe your guess word to your eager team, this is a game that's constrained by words but not by fun

  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: The travel friendly packs come to your rescue to keep the kids busy during long hours of flight or other journeys.

  • GIFTING: Replace traditional boring return gifts with these card games that are both educational and fun, making it a perfect gift for kids.

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