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Magnetic Reward Chart Super Woman

Magnetic Reward Chart Super Woman

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Name of the product: Chore chart

Age: 3 years and above.

Product specifications :
1. A chore chart board made of wood.
2. 30 types of different activities.
3. 14 badges for achievement.

1. Helps your child to develop a disciplined and structured life which would allow the child in the long run.
2. Helps to develop vocabulary and curriculum activity skills.
3. Fun and enjoyable way to make your child comiplete some basic daily chores.

How to play:
The chore chart is a to-do list for children.
Children are asked to do some daily activities like learning and alphabet or vocabulary, reading a poem, doing some exercises, etc.
As a child complete a daily routine of 15 days, they get rewarded for their performance.
There are also some badges included that complement a child’s overall performance.

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