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Berry Bee

Farm Hopscotch Mat

Farm Hopscotch Mat

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Bring the playground inside with this fun hopscotch play mat! High quality and durable play mat for your little one. The mat stores easily in a carry-along bag!

For playing inside or out, the hopscotch play mat features a classic farm design and two beanbags for added fun.
* Recommended for ages 2 -9 years 
* Includes two beanbags and a carry along Berrybee cotton drawstring bag.
* Polyvinyl backing mat, cotton appliqued upper.
* Bright, engaging colors are eye-catching and encourage children to hop across the mat. As they jump, children will improve their gross motor skills. They can also count each square to promote cognitive development. Create fun game alternatives using the 2 colorful beanbags included with the mat.

 72" x 25"

Open the mat, toss your pillow marker onto the #1 square.
(If you miss, you lose your turn. The next player attempts to toss their pillow marker).
Using only one foot per square, hop on each empty space that your marker is not on. At the pairs (2-3, 5-6 and 8-9),
jump with both feet together, unless your marker is on one of those numbers.
When you reach #10, hop with both feet, turn around, and head back towards #1.
After each time you finish, the next player goes. On your next turn, throw your marker to the next higher number and
play as before.
If you jump outside the tiles, fall, or miss a tile when throwing your marker, you lose your turn and the next player goes.
On your next turn, you begin on the number you tried last. Whoever reaches 10 first, wins.


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