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Flash Card - Addition & Subtraction

Flash Card - Addition & Subtraction

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Flashcards are an incredibly versatile study tool. They also help your kids engage in active recall which teaches their brain to remember a term, concept, or process without context clues. You can teach children the most complex information in a simplified format. When used early it helps children develop photographic memory which aids in visual and auditory sensory development, improve vocabulary, and make learning fun.

Details -

  • Learn math fundamentals and prepare your kids for future complex math concepts. 234 addition and subtraction flash cards along with 3 additional reusable activity flash cards. A total of 42 double sided flash cards.
  • Learn, understand and know Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Each card comes with large clear numbers: cards can be easily held by teacher, parent or child. Clear, practical and easy to read numbers with plenty of space for your child to write and complete the number equation.
  • Flashcards for kids learning are easy to use flashcards for kids contains self practice cards. Use these flashcards at home, small groups or individual students. Perfect for group activity, classroom or homeschooling.
  • Easy to organize these flash cards for kids learning where each card has all rounded corner and is the perfect card size for faster sorting and orientation. These packs of laminated flashcards are made from high-quality card stock and come in extra-sturdy boxes for storage.
  • These flashcards helps to build confidence and encourages creative problem solving. Feed your Child's hungry brain with these triangular cards giving boost to mental maths solving capability.
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