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Food Game

Food Game

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Food Kit Description:
Food Games consists of a whole package through which you can teach your little ones about food, table manners and nutrition. The learning process about different kinds of food will become easier when you buy this set. The game contains a number of activity-based games like food crossword, cuisine puzzle, and cutouts of dining etiquette among other exciting games. So, gift your child the best gift this holiday season.
Product Specifications:
A fun board game with numerous activities to teach your child about foods around the world.
Food Game consists of a wooden box with different kind of games and puzzles
The game is completely made in India and does not contain any harmful or hazardous substance.
The game playfully educates children about different foods, cuisines and table manners around the world.
While playing this game, your child will acquire special skills and knowledge faster than other toddlers.
The game teaches your child to control anger and emotions.
Food Game is also helpful for your child to develop language skills.
How to Play:
The best part about Food Games is that it does not consist of a single activity or game. Your child can play any games from dining etiquettes to identifying the utensils or solving the world cuisine puzzle. These are simple puzzles and quizzes which can be played with friends as well. The first player to finish the activities correctly wins the game.
5 to 12 years.
Package Details:
Food Game consists of a kit , with different puzzles and games like
Food board game- Wooden
Cooking methods Rewritable sheet
World cuisine puzzle  Wooden
Verb matching  Rewritable sheet
Dining etiquettes- Formal and Informal along with cutouts
Food pyramid sheet. Rewritable which differentiates between carbs, protein and fibers .
Food crossword of machines used in kitchen- Rewritable paper
The instructions are written on the respective games inside the jute bag.

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