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Little Latitude

If There Was One Thing I Could Be

If There Was One Thing I Could Be

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If There Was One Thing I Could Be

Board Book I 7 x 5 inches I 36 pages

Written by Kalpana Subramanian & illustrated by Prashant Miranda

Taking off on an imaginative flight of fantasy, Vir thinks about what it would be like if he was a bird. He’d have feathers and a beak, of course, but would he be proud or shy, swift or slow? Perhaps he could soar over the seas and fly through the skies… or maybe, imagining is enough, and it’s more fun to be himself?

Simple text is paired with illustrations which are playful yet instantly recognisable, meaning that the book works on several levels. It’s a fun read-aloud, but it could also kick-start research into varieties of birds, as well as counting and concept exercises.

Delightful for little readers — Manisha Chaudhry, Editor and Translator,  Pratham Books

Text Copyright © Kalpana Subramanian

Illustrations Copyright © Prashant Miranda

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