Kidzo Kit Mini-1, 2 yr
Kidzo Kit Mini-1, 2 yr
Kidzo Kit Mini-1, 2 yr
Kidzo Kit Mini-1, 2 yr
Kidzo Kit Mini-1, 2 yr
Kidzo Kit Mini-1, 2 yr

Kidzo Kit Mini-1, 2 yr

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Introducing KIDZO-KIT, curated exclusively for your little one following a pedagogical approach towards early learning for children. KIDZO-KIT is a fun packed kit full of activities & toys that can engage & teach your child while they play. The kit is curated thoughtfully with child-safe materials, so your kids can spend maximum time learning.

KIDZO-KIT comes with:-

  • 2 Books
  • 2 Laminated velcro based Activity sheets – Popsicle Pattern matching, Ice-cream cone counting
  • 23pc wooden blocks with painting colours and brush
  • 4pc Wooden Puzzles - 2 Qty
  • 3pc sunboard puzzles - 3 Qty

Product Details:-

  • 2 age appropriate books with beautiful illustrations come with this kit which helps your child in overall development.
  • Activity Sheets:- These are laminated velcro based activity sheets. There are 2 Activity sheets covering multiple age appropriate concepts. Sheet 1 is a Popsicle pattern matching Activity that your kid will simply love. The popsicle designs are segregated in simple to challenging ones. Kids will definitely love this challenging activity when they try to match the designs. You can also use these popsicles for colour sorting activities. The visual memory and discrimination involved and the identification of patterns and relationships and similarity and difference help children to learn about early representation and problem solving. Matching and sorting activities can also be good for developing fine motor skills.
  • The other activity sheet is the Icecream scoop counting activity. The kid has to put the icecream scoops in the respective numbered cones. You can also teach colours and ice-cream flavours through this along with introducing them numbers and counting.
  • Wooden blocks set:- Wooden blocks are open ended toys which can be used in multiple ways like building their imagination through these blocks, stacking, balancing, shapes and colour sorting. These blocks can also form a huge part of your pretend play activities. Building blocks are a classic gift that offers children many possibilities to improve their critical thinking abilities, motor skills, problem solving skills, and much more. Building blocks for kids are construction toys that are super fun and challenge the children’s thinking while also allowing solo and collaborative fun. These building blocks also come with painting colours and brush so that you can paint your own blocks in any way you want. Kinds can enjoy this fun block painting activity with you.
  • Puzzles:- There are many advantages of puzzles when it comes to child development. It improves concentration, Spatial Awareness, shape recognition, fine motor ability, problem solving skills, Memory, hand-eye-co-ordination, topic specific knowledge and many more.
  • There are 2 sets of puzzles that comes with this kit. One is a 3pc puzzle set without the jigsaw and the other one is a 4pc puzzle set with the jigsaw. You can introduce the puzzles to your kids with the non jigsaw ones and let your child get familiar with the concept of puzzles. Let them start with matching the puzzle pieces and then move on to joining these pieces into jigsaw slots.
  • We have kept Sea creature theme in our 4pc puzzles and for the 3pc puzzle the theme is Animals and their babies. Along with the joy of solving the puzzles you can also teach Animal Names, their baby names, etc.


  • - Enhance recognition ability – Colours, shapes, patterns, etc
  • - Enhance cognitive ability
  • - Improves hand eye coordination
  • - Instils confidence
  • - Encourages independent play
  • - Open ended toys stimulate Imagination
  • - Improves pincer grip through activities
  • - Improves memory & concentration
  • - Improves visual discrimination ability
  • - Improves fine motor skills
  • - Improves problem solving skills
  • - Enhances topic-specific Knowledge


  • All games & activities to be done under parental supervision

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