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Kidzo Kit-2, 1 yr

Kidzo Kit-2, 1 yr

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Introducing KIDZO-KIT, curated exclusively for your little one following a pedagogical approach towards early learning for children. KIDZO-KIT is a fun packed kit full of activities & toys that can engage & teach your child while they play. The kit is curated thoughtfully with child-safe materials, so your kids can spend maximum time learning.

KIDZO-KIT comes with:-

  • Lion Backpack
  • 3 Books
  • 2 Play Dough with rolling pin - 70 gms each – Non Toxic and Taste Safe
  • Laminated activity sheets - Snail play dough activity mat, Velcro based colour wise sorting for food on food plate & Teeth cleaning activity
  • 7 pc Wooden Rainbow stackers - 11cm height x 23 cm length x 4.5 cm width – Premium quality steam beech wood with non-toxic water based paint
  • 5 Column colour & shape sorter - 10*2 inches
  • 2 in 1 reusable colouring roll – 12*36 inches
  • Sketch pen set
  • Crayons set
  • Eraser

Product Details:-
3 age appropriate books with beautiful illustrations come with this kit which helps your child in overall development.

Activity Sheets:-

  • These are laminated velcro based activity sheets. There are 3 Activity sheets covering multiple age appropriate concepts. Sheet 1 is a play dough activity sheet where the kids can place the respective coloured play dough on the mat to complete the picture.
  • The next is a teething activity sheet comes with a marker which is to be used to make germs and kid has to brush and remove these germs so that teeth is clean. This sheet also has a nice catchy poem on brushing which you can sing while brushing your little ones teeth and also explain them importance of dental hygiene.This might make the brushing sessions a tad bit smoother.
  • The 3rd activity sheet is to inculcate good eating habbits. It comes with sorting the various healthy food items colour wise. In this you can also teach the food item names, their colour, etc. Kid has to match the colour of the food with the colour on the plate.
  • 7pc wooden Rainbow stacker (non toxic):- These are completely non toxic rainbow stackers. These are one of the best open ended toys that every child loves to play with. There are zillion ways to use this rainbow stacker. To name a few nesting, stacking, colour sorting, balancing, rainbow colour recognition, tunnels & bridges in pretend plays, make random structures, and on and on.
  • 5 Column shape and colour sorter:- This is the best way to teach colours and shapes to your little one. It also improves pincer grip as they put the shapes in their respective slots.
  • 2 in 1 reusable colouring roll:- This is a reusble colouring roll which has a jungle theme on one side and other side it is blank. Kids can use the blank side to scribble as kids love that. once they get a hang of it they can use the other side and color the jungle. Kids can colour with crayons and erase it with eraser. They can also use sketchpen to colour and then wipe it with a damp cloth.


  • - Enhance recognition ability – Colours, shapes, patterns, etc
  • - Enhance cognitive ability
  • - Improves hand eye coordination
  • - Instils confidence
  • - Encourages independent play
  • - Open ended toys stimulate Imagination
  • - Improves pincer grip through activities
  • - Improves memory & concentration
  • - Improves fine motor skills
  • - Improves problem solving skills
  • - Enhances topic-specific Knowledge


  • All games & activities to be done under parental supervision
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