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Lets Conquer Sand Castle

Lets Conquer Sand Castle

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Name Of The Product: Lets Conquer The Sand Castle.

Difficulty Level: Easy to medium.

Age: 4-10 years.

Product Material:
1. This game has a 10 by the 10-inch wooden board with a customized dice and shells to play with.


1. It is a great mental exercise for them to coordinate effectively between their hands and eye and stay focused.
2. They become discipline while they play the game by following instructions as said.
3. It is a great pass time for them to get a feel of the sand game in summers.

How To Play:
1. Kids must roll the dice and move along from the start point or pick up a shell as they want.
2. They have to follow the same instructions and reach the finish point where each player will count their number of shells, and the one with the highest shells will become the winner.

Packing And Items Included:
You get a total of three items inside the packaging such as:

One wooden board game.
One customized dice.
Shells to play the game.

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