Little Packages for Little Stars
Little Packages for Little Stars
Little Packages for Little Stars

Little Packages for Little Stars

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Product Description :

Animated Characters are our first role models and best friends.They have the power to fuel our dreams and imaginations. Apart from which, they also leave a trace for building positivity with their messages to start being optimistic from a young age. And that’s what this Little Package for Stars captures!

Empower your children into being more optimistic by waking them to quotes of their favorite characters and make them feel better about themselves and the world. Hercules, Mickey, Merida, Elsa and many others come together in this pack to brighten your child’s day and help them become better.


P.S: Besides your kids, you can also use this deck to nurture the child in you!

Other Details
No of cards in package: 50 cards+ introductory note

Theme: Animated Characters                                                                      

Content: Positivity, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Adventure, Virtues, Dreams, Strength, Courage, Motivation and more    

Size of card: 8cm*5cm (Approx size of a business card)

Printed on High quality, durable thick paper board with vibrant and colourful prints

Blank back to write little notes and personalised messages

Packed in a paper box for safe keep

Designed and Manufactured in India


Perfect for anyone or any occasion with endless number of ways to spread the good vibes and smile

Make a meaningful impact by simply reading one card a day, your new companion.

Best assortment cards of Self love to show someone how much you care. Inspire others with the thoughtful messages by leaving them in random places with an anonymous note.

Perfect and unique party and wedding favours

A substitute to get well soon bouquets.

A stocking stuffer or a last minute gift!

Invent your own memory game.

Thoughtful tokens of appreciation and everyday empowerment to slip into pockets,bags,lunch boxes, books, gifts, bouquets,under the door and anywhere possible.

The possibilities are limitless. Whether at home,classroom,work place or anywhere else, you can always pass on a smile.

Product Dimensions :

Box Size: 8.8cm x 6cm x 2.5cm