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Aya Papaya

Ouchie Non-Toxic Printed Bandages Double Combo 40-Pack (PINK & BLUE)

Ouchie Non-Toxic Printed Bandages Double Combo 40-Pack (PINK & BLUE)

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Crafted from A-Grade plaster materials, Ouchie Adhesive Bandages are designed for practicality.
They can be used for various purposes ranging from dressing a cut or scrape to sticking on for some plain fun!
Our products are especially designed to distract and delight your little one by making the healing process a little less painful and a lot more fun!

Items included in the package:
This Double Combo set contains 40N colorful plasters with unique characters and fun-tastic prints
Prints in Pink box: Watermelons, Unicorns, Rainbows, Ice-creams
Prints in Blue box: Crocodiles, Dinosaurs, Rockets, Race Cars

Wash-proof - So the fun-time continues even in the shower.
Durable and Long Lasting - Stays on longer without compromising on easy removal.
Hypoallergenic - Great for kids’ sensitive skin with no itchy adhesive.
Non-Toxic - Non-toxic and gentle adhesive.
Hand Drawn Prints - Unique, hand drawn prints, exclusively for you.
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