Peppa pig’s shape sorting board
Peppa pig’s shape sorting board
Peppa pig’s shape sorting board

Peppa pig’s shape sorting board

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Product Description:

A Peppa pig puzzle and shape sorting board in one! Watch your child sort shapes and solve a puzzle as they develop visual acuity, spatial ability and hand eye coordination as they have fun.

What will I get?

  • A puzzle board with multi-colored varied shape blocks that fit only in the correct slot.
  • 5 handcrafted wooden blocks in different colours and shapes that fit into the slots on the board.

How to play?

  • Remove all blocks from their given spaces and fill in with correct blocks one by one to complete puzzle.
  • Hold each block and name the shape to learn about different shapes.
  • Name the colours on each block to learn about colours.
  • Count the number of blocks and slots and fill in some and keep some empty to play number games.
  • Stack the blocks just for fun.

What does my child learn?

toys for problem solving skill developmentFitting in shapes into each slot without making mistakes develops problem solving skills.


toys for curiosity skill developmentPeppa and painting evokes curiosity about shapes, painting, art and more.


toys for fine motor skill development Picking up and holding the blocks, trying to fit them in the right slot all enhance fine motor skills, including the pinscher grasp.

 Multiple ways to play with the same toy allows imagination to run wild and encourages creativity and free-thinking

  What is the toy made up of? Blocks and puzzle made from durable wood and painted with non-toxic, child-friendly colours, with rounded edges ensuring your child won’t get hurt as they play.

Dimension: Board: 22 x 17 Shape Blocks: 5 x 5 x 1.7 cm