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Pretty Kitty Baby Booties- 2 Pack

Pretty Kitty Baby Booties- 2 Pack

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Your baby’s little feet are the first point of contact for their first step, and you need to make sure it’s as soft and comfortable as possible. Keeping that in mind, Kicks and Crawl introduces our super soft baby booties with grips on the bottom, to give your little one the support they need. Our innovative design and 3-D prints are second to none, adding that touch of style to every outfit Wear them as socks or wear them as booties, these 2 in 1 essentials are available in a pack of 2 and multiple colors. These will be the best booties your baby has ever worn.

Features :

1. Soft and Comfortable

2. Anti-Skid Grip on the bottom

3. Available in multiple designs and colors

4. 3D Design Element

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