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Puzzle Sticks - Transport

Puzzle Sticks - Transport

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RECOMENDED AGE: 1.5 years above

The puzzle is designed without interlocking pieces. Children can easily move the pieces around to complete their puzzle.
A fun new way to teach motor and sequencing skills! A puzzle that encourages creativity, learning and skill development, all while having fun!
Each puzzle includes 24 double-sided puzzle sticks that create three unique eight-piece puzzles!
Sort the sticks by background color, then arrange the sticks in the correct order to reveal the image attached with the drawstring bag.
Puzzles are great for developing hand / eye co-ordination
Improves memory and concentration and enhancing problem solving.

Features & details
* 24 double-sided puzzle sticks
* Creates unique 6 puzzles
* Sort sticks by background color, then arrange in the correct order to reveal image.
* 8- Piece stick puzzle designed without interlocking pieces to teach motor and sequencing skills
* Completed puzzle measures 8x9 Inches
* Fun artwork depicts a mirror image of the puzzle.
* Fabric drawstring bag to hold the sticks.
* Washable: Slide the colorful food-grade acrylic stick out to hand wash the fabric pieces.
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