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Save the earth - Easy

Save the earth - Easy

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Name of Product: Save the Earth Sudoku

Difficulty Level: Easy

Age: 4-9 years

Product material:
Save the Earth Sudoku has a 7 by 7-inch wooden board with finely cut wooden blocks to complete the puzzle.

1. Brings awareness among children about the need to conserve Earth
2. It boosts your memory and problem-solving skills with logic and empathy.
3. Let your children enjoy the beauty of saving the planet Earth.
4. Promotes a vigilant and earth-friendly family.
5. It is a good tool for the holistic development of your child.

How to play:
Save the Earth Sudoku is a Sudoku puzzle themed in Save the Earth
Sudoku is a partially filled puzzle with numerous blocks.
You need to fill the puzzle with the other blocks available.
You need to make sure that all the objects in the square occur only once.
You need to use critical thinking skills to arrange accordingly, as you need to keep eye on the rows and columns too.

Packing and items included:
Save the Earth Sudoku provides you with an eco-friendly jute bag, which contains a 7 by 7 inch wooden board and 4 wooden blocks.

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