Save the earth - Medium
Save the earth - Medium

Save the earth - Medium

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Name of Product: Save the Earth Sudoku

Difficulty Level: Medium

Suit for:
Though it is designed for children it can also be used for a common family activity to build a stronger bond.

Age: 4-9 years

Product Material:
Save the Earth Sudoku is made of a 7 by 7-inch board with finely cut wooden blocks for completing puzzles or challenges.

1)This puzzle enables children to explore their cognitive realms.
2)Save the Earth Sudoku is a good way to introduce your children to the problems we may face if we keep on exploiting Mother Earth.
3)It is useful to test the memory skills and problem-solving attitude of your children. 4)Save the Earth Sudoku is a good brain exercise for your children.

How to play:
Save the Earth Sudoku has a board with certain blocks empty were with your logical reasoning skills, you need to fill it with the other available wooden blocks.
Put the wooden blocks in the place they logically fit keeping in mind the surrounding patterns.
In normal Sudoku we use numbers, here we use picture blocks.

Packing and items included:
An eco friendly jute bag to carry a 7 by 7-inch wooden board with 6 wooden blocks.