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Saving Planet board Game

Saving Planet board Game

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Name Of the Product: Saving Planet Board Game

Age : 7-12 Years

Product Material:
It is a fun game that teaches little children good habits that would keep the environment green and the earth clean.
With simple tasks and duties, the children can understand that they can also protect the planet.

1. This makes the little ones aware of the environment and the importance of keeping it clean and green in a very interactive way.
2. This game teaches us to control emotions and anger.
3. This game teaches special skills to your child.
4. The game also teaches the children to follow a static set of rules that cannot be changed in anyways.

How to Play:
This game requires the assistance of the childs parents.
The parent has to ask questions at regular intervals to understand the good habits that would protect the environment.
There are different coins for each player, who has to start from other spaces.
Each player has to take a card, read it, and follow the instructions.
The first one who reaches the finish line wins the game.

Suitable for:
This game can be played by children whose age is between 7 years and 12 years.

Package Details:
The Saving Planet Boardgame includes a wooden board 10 by 10 inch, 24 flash cards with eco-friendly tips written on them.
It is wholly made in India and manufactured with eco-friendly products.

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