Sea Blue Suction Bowl with Spoon

Sea Blue Suction Bowl with Spoon

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The Kicks and crawl suction bowl is designed to stick to any smooth and clean surface and is microwave safe (Heating only). It is equipped with a gripped handle spoon and a hygienic flip cover for the spoon head. This product is perfect for your baby's first self feeding time.

Food coloring may lead to discoloring of the product without affecting its quality


- Product should be washed thoroughly before and after each use.

- Wash with warm water and mild detergent.

- Bowl's lid should not be heated in microwave.

- No solvents or harsh chemicals to be used.

- Avoid using abrasive pads or cleaners.

- Dishwasher-safe (Top rack only).

Safety Precautions:

- The product is not a toy and must be used under adult supervision only.

- Please discard damaged product immediately.

- Keep a check on the food temperature inside the product while microwaving and before serving.

- Do not use in conventional oven or microwave with grill and oven feature. Store it  away from direct sunlight.

- Product is not suitable for cooking or using with oil and fatty food.