Sensory & Activity cube
Sensory & Activity cube
Sensory & Activity cube

Sensory & Activity cube

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The sensory cube is lovingly handcrafted using high quality neutral cotton, felt and other
accessories. The cube offers various sensory enhancing opportunities with different
textures, calming colours, chiming sounds, beads,zips,tags and toys. The busy cube
promotes the development of baby's fine motor skills, logic, cause and effect relationships.
The cube will entertain the little one for a long time as the six sides have so much to
Side 1: The triangle with a zip offers a great fine motor skill learning opportunity
Side 2: Grasping the beads and moving them is another amazing way to enhance the fine
motor skills. Also later on it can be a great tool to introduce simple mathematical concept
of counting.
Side 3: The octopus has a number of textures to it, this is purely a sensory exploration side
with variation in fabrics and thread work, some glitter to amaze the little ones.
Side 4: The crinkly star is a sweet surprise for their ears and the mirror underneath is
perfect for a peek-a-boo moment
Side 5: The whale in a pocket, reach it, grasp it squeeze it, throw it and put it back in the
pocket, isnt that an adventure for our little ones. Perfect cause and effect activity. Side 6: Balloons with Velcro on a textured cloud, a superb mix of sensory and motor

As mothers we understand the importance of safety and have ensured all the accessories
are securely fastened.

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