Train the Brain
Train the Brain

Train the Brain

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TRAIN THE BRAIN - A fun memory game with animals and occupations. Cooped up at home with plenty of vacant hours? Looking for ways to enliven the drabness? They say family is like a hot fudge sundae! Go on and huddle up with the nutty little champs and chocolatey grown ups in your spruced up lounge room with our newest card game that for sure would try your eidetic memory!

Vivify your playtime by discussing the professions that our adorable animal peeps display in each card. Let our little card pack become a stunningly essential playmate!

Benefits of the game:

The brain gym in a deck of cards nurtures the cognitive resources of your little ones! This ensures better visual recognition and improves attention to details. The budding minds also get to learn about various occupations during playtime!