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What can you do with Red, Yellow and Blue?

What can you do with Red, Yellow and Blue?

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hat can you do with Red, Yellow and Blue?

Board Book I 7 x 5 inches I 36 pages 

Written by Arielle North Olson & illustrated by Prashant Miranda

Prashant Miranda’s whimsical illustrations are paired with lilting rhyming text in this board book which offers a quirky glimpse into an artist’s imagination.

From vermillion cats wearing glorious hats, to violet yurts and berry desserts, siblings Anahi and Vir are propelled into a world of colour. Beginning with the primary colours before progressing into all manner of mixing possibilities, there’s no limit to the fantastical scenarios which they conjure up with their eccentric artist friend.

Perfect for reading aloud, Arielle North Olson adopts a mixture of familiar and more complex vocabulary, allowing for plenty of discussion and re-readings. While children can use the book to create secondary and tertiary shades from the primary colours, it’s as useful as a prompt for creative writing and drawing exercises. A section at the end draws out some unusual colour facts, extending the reach of the book for older readers.

What a charming, beautiful presentation of the science of colours. So cleverly written, and the illustrations are absolutely wonderful - Virginia Willard, Arts Patron, Consultant and Fundraiser, Portland, USA

Text Copyright © Arielle North Olson

Illustrations Copyright © Prashant Miranda

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