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Wufiy Wooden Pebble Stacking Toy - Rainbow - 7 Wooden Pebbles

Wufiy Wooden Pebble Stacking Toy - Rainbow - 7 Wooden Pebbles

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This beautifully crafted Wooden Baby Toy is the perfect twist to the traditional Rainbow Stacking Toy.

This set of wooden stacking blocks is shaped like Pebbles which can be easily stacked one on top of the other in various formations.

Made with superior quality Neem Wood and painted with 100% non-toxic paint, this unique wooden stacking product is an open-ended toy that can be used by children in a number of different ways as per their imagination.

This baby wooden stacking toy set helps toddlers to stay involved for long hours and promotes the development of fine motor skills, dexterity, and spatial reasoning skills.
The smooth finishing of this open-ended toy for 1 year and 2-year-old toddlers provides a wonderful tactile sensation for the little ones making this product an ideal natural toy for babies.

This wooden stackable toy for toddlers provides an all-natural and 100% safe replacement for cheap quality plastic stacking rings widely available.
Apart from forming a simple pyramid, this unique take on wooden building blocks can be used as a great pretend to play toy to build landscapes, boosting the child’s creative skills.

This baby stacker is painted in Non-To
xic Bright Rainbow Watercolors and is 100% Made In India.

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